Euphonic Audio just continues to impress me….

About 3-4 months ago, my friend and dope LI bassist Pete Palmieri sold me his EA IAmp Pro. I had never played on any EA gear in the past other than a NYC club’s VL-208 which I was very impressed with, but I needed a really powerful head that I could easily carry around. Basically a louder LMII with more EQ options. And that’s what the IAmp Pro seemed like so I sold my LMII and gave it a shot. It blew me away figuratively and literally. A few weeks later I made a trip home to south Florida and every time I come down I always make sure to go through the back room inventory at Davie’s M.A.E. music store. Sure enough, I found an EA Michael Rhodes’ Rumble Seat sitting in the used gear section even though it had clearly never been used despite the fact it was over 10 years old. Obviously I grabbed it. Definitely the coolest piece of equipment I’ve ever owned. Last week, I received my EA Micro 300 head, Wizzy 10 cab and Wizzy backpack. I can’t believe I’ve been gigging in NYC for over 5 years and I JUST got one of these. Definitely not suitable for my NvNS gigs, but this thing can easily knock out a wedding gig, a small NYC club gig, a jazz combo, orchestra pit, or on a recording session. The Micro 300 is 2 lbs. and puts out 300 watts @ 4 ohms! It literally sounds like a lower powered IAmp Pro without all the tone shaping options. The 17 lb., 4 ohm Wizzy 10 uses the EA patented Whizzer cone which is basically 2 separate cones vibrating together simultaneously, one for the highs and one for the lows, using their patented transmission line technology. Not quite sure what that all means but what I do know is that the amount of low end and volume this little 10″ can put out (especially with the IAmp Pro) is frightening. I’m now tempted for a little Wizzy 12 stack….

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