Woah! new gear from TC Electronic @ NAMM ‘11!!

When TC Electronic first came out with their super lightweight, small footprint RH450 and 2×10 (or 2×12) cabs, the bass world seemed to be taken by storm overnight. Clubs in NYC who for the last 25 years have been rocking their crappy old Hartke rigs that were falling apart suddenly have crispy fresh new TC rigs and they sounded fantastic! I almost even purchased one until I had a bad experience at one of those venues when I realized those little cabs just couldn’t give me the huge bass tone I require for hip-hop gigs. Enter NAMM show ‘11. The new Blacksmith head. 1600 watts @ 4 ohms with a 4500 watt peak!!! Are they joking??!!! I guess with a $2600 price tag, the answer is NO! Can’t wait to try this thing out!!

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