My next bass!

Picture 1
I recently had a conversation with someone where the topic of how much money I spend on equipment arose. I quickly saved myself by admitting my problem, but that I had truly found my “magic” basses and was just about settled with my gear. Of course the occasional G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) kicks in for new and interesting gear, but I’m pretty happy at the moment. Of course that was before I heard about Jimmy Coppolo’s new kid on the block. It’s called the 6571 Hippy Dippy Trippy bass and it’s basically an all passive LG5 with a natural hand rubbed water-based varnish, complete with a sandblasted Alleva-Coppolo logo and peace sign to remind us of the era this bass is supposed to represent. At $2500, I think it’s well worth the price for a classic, great sounding 5 string jazz bass made by one of if not the finest luthier in the States right now. Now I just need to sell that Warmoth bass I recently had made and it’s a done deal!

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