ahh the good old days….

God this really brings me back to my childhood….I sometimes forget how into the peppers I used to be. And going back and listening to Flea it makes me laugh to hear so many things I do that I’ve obviously picked up from him. And if it weren’t for my friend Adam Lucas who introduced me to guys like Jaco and Wooten, I would probably still be a Flea clone. Bad technique and all! But you can’t say the man doesn’t rock because he definitely does. Nowadays I think the peppers are a tad over the hill and are too sucked up in the commercial world of selling shitty albums to actually remember what made them so good. Not to mention John doesn’t even play with them anymore. But to have grown up in that era of Mother’s Milk, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, One Hot Minute, and Californication, makes me an EXTREMELY lucky person and bass player. Go back and listen to One Hot Minute. I bet you’ll be shocked all over again. And Subway to Venus on Mother’s Milk….SO ahead of their time!

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