Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a MAJOR gear head. I have spent what feels like a lifetime searching for that perfect sound and feel that truly defines MY sound and style, and inspires me to not only keep creating, but to never stop trying to be a better musician. So I am BEYOND proud to be supported by these fantastic companies and the even greater people behind them!:


- Olinto P4
- Olinto P5
- ‘61 Fender Precision Bass
- ‘79 Fender Precision fretless
- ‘66 Fender Mustang
- ‘63 Fender Bass VI
- Fender Flea Jazz Bass
- Jerry Jones Longhorn
- Mid ‘70s short scale Japanese Jazz Bass
- Höfner VSP-01
- Höfner V61 500/1 Cavern Bass
- Morrow Custom 5
- Chinese 3/4 carved double bass

- La Bella Light Tension Flexible Flats
- La Bella 1954 Original Deep Talking Flats
- La Bella Super Polished Nickel Rounds
- La Bella Rx Nickel Rounds

- Acme Audio Motown Tube DI
- Acme Audio Motown Passive DI
- Monique by Jule
- ‘63 Ampeg B15N
- ‘64 Ampeg SB12
- Ampeg PF-50T
- ‘62 Klemt Echolette M40
- ‘65 Klemt Echolette M100
- Demeter Minnie 800D

- Bergantino IP112
- Bergantino EX112
- Epifani DIST112
- Epifani T-215UL